United American Insurance has been serving as a premier insurance agency since 1947.  The organization is based on four core values: stability, service, quality and commitment.  This is why PlanFMedSupp has made them their insurance partner, because we know that when working with our clients and helping them find the best insurance plan for their needs, we will deliver with an United American Medicare Supplemental Plan or Medigap Part Plan.

United American offers several Medicare Supplement features, but these are very valuable when a client is looking to purchase an insurance plan.

  • Your policy is Guaranteed renewable, so you never have to worry about it lapsing.
  • Your policy is Portable – so it stays in force even if you move or change jobs.
  • You policy cannot be canceled as long as premiums are paid on time.

United American’s commitment mirrors our at PlanFMedSupp and our goals to provide the best service to our clients.