Medicare Part B is health care insurance. It helps to cover several doctors’ services, outpatient care and helps cover some costs linked with preventive treatment and services. It also covers the bills associated with stays in specialized nursing facilities, hospice services, as well as home healthcare aid when deemed necessary.

Medicare Part B does not cover hospitalization. It does cover laboratory tests and doctor visits. Medicare Part B coverage also pays for equipment such as mobility devices and walkers if these are considered medically essential to deal with an illness or health problem.

If you’ve chosen to enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan or other Medicare part coverage, your plan must offer you at least the exact same coverage as Medicare Part A and B. Standards of coverage have been established to make sure that patients are covered for all necessary basic services and items, no matter which Medicare plan they decide to participate in.

In general, Medicare part coverage for Part B includes:

  • Visits to your primary care physician.
  • Laboratory examinations and tests.
  • Medical equipment deemed necessary to cope with an illness or health issue.

How to discover if Medicare Part B covers what you require.

Ask your doctor or another healthcare provider if the tests and/or medical equipment you require will be covered by your Medicare Part B policy. Should you require something that Medicare may not cover due to your particular situation, you may need to give authorization or sign a statement that you are aware that you may be responsible to pay for the service or healthcare-related item on your own. It is best to try to find out if Medicare Part B covers the recommended supplies or equipment prior to giving such authorization.

Should you decide that you do not want to participate in the Medicare Part B insurance, simply send the card back according to the instructions that you receive with the card. By keeping the card, you will imply acceptance into Medicare Part B and will be responsible to pay Part B premiums. Be sure that if you want to opt out, you do so in a timely manner according to the enclosed instructions.