The high deductible option of Medigap Plan F provides the most comprehensive coverage available of all Medigap plans, while allowing for lower premiums than the original Plan F.  The high deductible Medicare supplemental insurance Plan F provides all of the Plan F advantages after a workable yearly deductible. The benefit of the high deductible option is that it allows for considerably lower monthly costs compared to the regular Medigap Plan F rates. The high deductible Plan F prevents you from paying for claims you may never have, so that you only pay for actual claims incurred.

With the Medigap high deductible Plan F, you will enjoy personalized service from a regional representative in your area that will get to know your personal needs and will not treat you like just another policyholder. There is also a Reserve Fund Annuity available to fund your deductible which yields a minimum interest rate of 3 percent on unused funds. As well, there is an automatic claims filing program available with United American Partners, which facilitates faster processing.

As a high deductible Plan F member, you will also enjoy the flexibility to select your own preferred physicians and healthcare facilities.

If you want all of the benefits of Medigap Supplemental Insurance Plan F, without the high Medigap Plan F rates then choosing United American Insurance Company’s High Deductible Plan F (HDF) may be the ideal solution. It’s a Medicare Supplement Plan F plan that supplies all the attributes and benefits of a standard Plan F, however at a significantly lesser premium with a yearly deductible, set by the Federal Government.

What is Covered by the Medigap High Deductible Plan F?

  • Part A coinsurance and hospitalization costs up to an additional 365 days following exhaustion of Medicare benefits.
  • Medicare Part B coinsurance/copayment
  • The first three pints of blood needed for transfusion.
  • Medicare Part A hospice coinsurance/copayment
  • Coinsurance for stay at a skilled nursing institution
  • Deductibles for Medicare Parts A and B.
  • Foreign medical treatment necessary while traveling outside of the United States.