Medigap Plan F provides the most comprehensive coverage available of all Medigap plans. Due to the fact that the plan covers costs over Medicare-approved amounts, you might have no out-of-pocket costs for hospitalization and doctor’s office visits by choosing Medigap Plan F coverage.

Medigap Plan F covers standard Medicare coverage including hospital stays. Plan F pays Medicare Part A coinsurance plus coverage for 365 additional days after Medicare advantages end.

Medigap Plan F coverage also includes medical expenses such as Medicare Part B coinsurance, usually 20% of Medicare-approved expenses or copayments for healthcare facility outpatient services, as well as the first 3 pints of blood annually.

Medigap Plan F also pays Medicare Part A coinsurance and hospice treatment. In addition to the basic perks, Plan F likewise provides coverage for skilled nursing facility care, the Medicare Part A deductible for hospitalization, Medicare Part B deductible for health care and medical facility outpatient expenses, and Medicare Part B excess charges. Coverage includes any discrepancy between exactly what a physician or provider charges and the limits of what Medicare will pay. Emergency medical treatment when traveling abroad is also included in Medigap Plan F coverage (up to specified plan limits).

What Doesn’t Medigap Plan F Cover?

While Medigap Plan F coverage is more inclusive than any other Medigap plan, it does not cover the costs of regular premiums of the Medicare Part B policy. Those who with an income higher than the Medicare approved limit may be required to pay Medicare Part A premiums, which also would not be covered under Medigap Plan F.

Medigap Plan F rates are not the lowest priced of the available Medigap supplemental insurance policies in terms of monthly premiums, but it is the most comprehensive and inclusive coverage for your money. To find out if Medigap Plan F is the best choice for your individual coverage needs, please contact one of our Medigap Plan F experts for a consultation and custom quote.