Medigap Plan L is supplemental Medicare insurance plan developed to assist cover the prices of healthcare that are not covered by either Medicare Part A or Medicare Part B. Medigap Plan L is unable to be sold to those who are covered under the Medicare Advantage program.

Medigap plan L benefits are listed here. This information is practical in order to review medigap plans. You should be sure to become familiar with everything that is available to you before you opt into any Medigap supplemental insurance plan.

Medigap Plan L protection includes/excludes the following advantages:

  • Medigap Plan L covers Medicare Part A coinsurance and medical facility costs incurred around an additional 365 days (one year) after Medicare advantages are used up.
  • Plan L also covers 75% of Medicare Part B coinsurance and/or copayments, and also pays for 75% of the first 3 pints of blood required.
  • Under Medigap Plan L, 75% of hospice treatment coinsurance or co-pay is likewise covered.
  • Likewise under Plan L, just 75% of skilled nursing center coinsurance is covered.
  • Medigap Plan L covers 75% of Medicare Part A deductible. Nevertheless, Part B deductibles are not covered.
  • Part B excess costs are additionally not covered under Plan L.
  • Foreign trip medicine and healthcare expenses are covered by Medigap Plan L with an out-of-pocket restriction of $2,400.