Medicare supplemental coverage is provided by private health insurance firms to aid in paying the prices and fees of healthcare not covered by Medicare Part A and Part B. This “Medigap” plans help to cover the fees and deductibles that Medicare requires the individual to pay on their own.

The information below will assist you in comparing and contrasting Medicare Part M protection with the insurance coverage available in various other Medicare supplemental insurance coverage plans. It is crucial to familiarize yourself with all of the available options prior to settling on a particular Medigap plan; to be sure you get the best coverage for your personal situation.

Supplemental Insurance M Benefits Include:

  • Medigap Plan M covers coinsurance and medical facility costs approximately an additional 365 days (one year) after Medicare benefits are consumed.
  • Plan M likewise covers Medicare Part B coinsurance and/or copayments, in addition to the initial 3 pints of blood required. Medigap Plan M covers hospice treatment coinsurance / copayments.
  • Skillful nursing facility care coinsurance is covered under Medigap Plan M.
  • Medigap Plan M does cover 50% of Medicare Part A insurance deductible.

With Medigap Plan M deductible required for Medicare Plan B is not covered.  As well, Medigap Plan M does not cover Medicare Part B excess charges.

Plan M does cover foreign travel healthcare prices.